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21 June 2003        


         Assalamualaikum. Actually there are a few reasons why I built this site. The first reason is that I hope with this site, we can get to know each other better especially among the bachelor students in UiTM Jengka. Secondly, with this site I intend to show the other side of us accounting students. Besides our professionalism and hard work, there is the other side of the coin. The fun side.  

         If time permits, I will add other stuff to this website. Probably its time that I include some of the ladies. I will try to get new materials and information on those delicious bachelor ladies. So come back soon!




February 2003             


            Assalamualaikum. I humbly welcome you to this less than ordinary website. For those of you who didn't know, this is my first website and definately this is the only website that I have for now. Why I created this website? I'm not really sure. I just woke up one fine day and decided that i should build one. Why not? Anyway I believe that it won't hurt if I try new things. Im just a beginner so I hope that you won't expect anything ultra grand here. There's no graphic, no animation. I don't know how to create those things. This is just a very simple website. 

         Since I'm very new to this, I decided to start small. Only the guys from my class of semester May 2002 is included which means only 8 people is in here. As you can see, I haven't even completed Amy and Akua's profile. I intend to complete it soon. For the ladies in my semester May 2002 class, I plan to include you all in this website. The only problem is I don't know when to start. For the others in my batch, I probably can't include you all because there's too many of you. I'm sorry for that, there's just too many constraints. 

         All in all, I hope you enjoy what little things that I have here. I wish you good luck in everything you do and thank you very much. 







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