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Bachelor in Accountancy

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---------------------------------------------UiTM Pahang


>> Mara University of Technology (UiTM) Pahang Campus was founded on 1 January1985.

>> It's temporary campus in Kuantan was officially launched by then Pahang MB, Dato' Mohd Najib Tun Haji Abd Razak.
>> During its early years, there were only a few study programmes  in UiTM such as  Diploma in  Accountancy, Diploma in Business and 
      offered  Diploma in Banking.
>> The first batch of intake consist of 225 students. These students are managed by 15 Administrative and 6 Academic officers.


----------------------Bachelor in Accountancy


>> Bachelor in Accountancy was introduced in 1981.
>> MIA recognizes accounting graduates as qualified accountants after they undergo 3 years of approved working experience.
>> Currently UiTM Jengka is one of the few campuses offering this program.
>> The duration of this full time program is 4 years (8 semesters) inclusive industrial training graduates from STPM/Matriculation or any 
       equivalent qualification.
>> Those who have completed Diploma in Accountancy will begin the program in semester 4.




>> These are the lecturers that had taught us during our Bachelor period. ( I only have limited pictures available ).  We offer them a big
      "thank you" for all the knowledge that they had given and for all the sacrifices that they had made. ( If I left out anybody, it's my
      mistake and it's not intentional )


Encik Halil  Encik Badaruddin


Encik Azmi Puan Faizah


Mr. Hari Ramulu Puan Norlaila


Puan Rosidah (passed away in 2006) Encik Mazlan

Encik Nik


Cik Halizah

Cik Lee Chai Chuen Cik Shifa
Tuan Hj. Razali Ustaz Zaki
Cik Anis Encik Zul Ghani
Cik Roselina Ustaz Zulkifli
Encik Mazli Puan Che Audah
Puan Mawarti Ustaz Saiful 
Encik Zulkifli Etc.



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