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 A f n i y  B i n  M u h a m a d









The Man Himself


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Wak dan 2 orang mangsanya



---------------------------------------------------------------------Vital Information


Started to mess things up >>


I was born a >> Male

I'm average >> 179 cm (ye ke ni? :P)
But I'm athletic >> 57 kg
For the girls  >> Scorpio kot
I mainly listen to >> Oi, ska
The movie that is interesting to me >> You name it!
If there's any free time left >> Fishing
My treasure >> Sepit udang galah
My most relaxing moment >> Fishing
Irritating habits >> Singing awful songs while fishing


---------------------The Burning Questions


Things that need to be changed in UiTM?

Car or house. Which one do you want to buy first? Tell us why?

House, because I can do any other important things when I can sleep

Do you remember things that you learned in university?


Guys should share their "hantaran kahwin" expenses with the ladies. What do you think?

Setuju kot, sebab ringan skit. Takde la susah sensorang nak kumpul duit

Girls are difficult to understand?

No comment. Ko tanye orang lain la. Aku cukup tak minat nak jawap


-------------------------------------------------------------Contact Me



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B 97 Felda Jengka 17,

26400 Bandar Jengka,

Pahang, Malaysia







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