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Topics That Matter

M or e  s t u f f  t o  r e a d ? ?   Y o u  t h i n k   t h e  t e x t  b o o k s  a r e n ' t  e n o u g h ?









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Curriculum Vitae for Fresh Graduates

Content of Curriculum Vitae
Personal Particulars


  1. Full Name
  2. NRIC Number (old & new)
  3. Nationality
  4. Residential/Mailing Address
  5. Tel. No. (house & office)
  6. Age
  7. Date & Place of Birth
  8. Sex
  9. Marital Status
  10. Health Status
  11. Height & Weight
  12. Language Proficiency

(spoken & written)

Educational Background

  1. Tertiary (years - university/college - degree)
  2. Secondary (years - schools - grade)
  3. Primary (years - school)
Training Experiences
  1. Practical and/or Industrial Training

(duration - company - job description in detail - reference)

  1. Full-time & Part-time Jobs

(only those relevant to this application)


  1. Personal Traits (public relations, creativity, marketing skills, problem-solving, decision-making)
  2. Involvement in Extra Curriculum Activities
  3. Contribution in Social Services
  4. Non Academic Achievements
  5. Hobbies
  6. Talents or Special Interests
  7. Career Ambition
  8. Date Available for Employment
* Roman number in front of each item can be omitted. Avoid stating expected salary at this early stage of application.




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