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L i n k s  t o  t h e  t h i n g s  t h a t  m a t t e r











------------------------------The Things That Matter


UiTM Official Website


As usual, exam results, important dates and all the things that matters


ACCA Official Website


Hey, its easier than our degree!


MICPA Official Website neW!!

Besides ACCA, you can check this one out

CIMA Official Website


Just like ACCA, its easier than our degree!



One of the best place to look for jobs in Malaysia. The list includes huge multinational companies too.

Kelly Services neW!!

I went to register with Kelly's Malaysian office previously. The service is way better than Manpower's office. Recommended for job seekers


A multinational job agency. This is its Malaysian website. 

The Edge     

Business and personal finance magazine. I think the hard copies sold at newsstands are better. 


Looking for companies to do research? Practical training? You don't need those thick hard copy versions. Just go here.


They say it's the future look of search engines because it is in graphic form, but to me it looks way too complicated.

MyUiTM   Komuniti MyuiTM.Com

The best and the biggest? It certainly is a huge site. Got loads of important links and excellent participation from members. 


I'm sure most of you have Maybank accounts. This is a useful site for Maybank customers.  You can see trancaction records, transfer 
money, pay bills, shop and do a whole lot more.


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-------------------------------------The Simpler Things That Matter


KLUe Magazine

All the happenings in the Klang Valley. Very informative. Goodstuff.


Cinema Online

Book your movie tickets online first. Then you don't have to xperience those long Qs at the cinema. Believe me, it saves time.


Ahh... everyone's favourite local comic.

Wrecked Exotics

Car crash pictures that involve some of the most expensive automobiles ever produced , including Lamborghini Ferrari, and Mclaren F1.
You'll find almost a quarter of a Billion Dollars worth of damage  within this car crash collection.

Formula One

Loads of news, inside info and pics of those glamorous pit girls

F1 Racing 

More news and info. The news are great, However not many interesting pictures.


Guys, u better visit this.


Download tonnes of freeware and shareware. You never knew you needed them.

Rolling Stone

The famed entertainment magazine.


This is a very beautiful site. You can find many quirky designer and limited  items here. Goodstuff.


This is where you can buy many collector's items inspired by movies, cartoons and comics. Optimus Prime anyone?


This is a very nice and useful site. A brilliant idea. Friendster is an online community that connects people through networks of friends for 
dating or making new friends. You can actually find your long lost or old childhood friends here. Try it.


This is also another site to book your movie tickets online. Very useful especially if you intend to watch those 
"need-to-queue-for-an-hour-to-buy-tickets" movies such as The Lord of The Rings.


This is a site for guitar enthusiasts who are more into local songs and bands.  Here you can find popular guitar tabs, post questions and
opinions and also discuss with like minded individuals. 

Mohamad Azmi Nias Ahmad    

This is En. Azmi's website. From this website, we can know what one of our favourite lecturer is up to these days. There is also some 
useful links to other websites such as the virtual libraries.

Mercy Malaysia    

Mercy is a medical relief organization which consists of volunteers.  It is dedicated to provide humanitarian aid in crisis situations 
irrespective of race, religion, culture and boundary. Mercy has served many nations such as Somalia, Kosovo, Turkey,  Taiwan etc.  This 
organization is headed by Datuk Dr. Jemilah Mahmood. We should visit this site to get an insight of what Mercy has done and we can also
 provide donations to this organization.

Mobile Review 

This site reviews the latest handphones in the market. The reviews are very detail with multiple pictures of the handphones from all angles.
There are also previews of new handphones that haven't been launched. This website is A+ material. Good stuff. Highly recommended. 
You must give this site a visit.
Autoworld  neW!!
One of the best sites on Malaysian general auto scene. Can find lots of info and discussion here
Motortrader  neW!!
Another great site on Malaysian general auto scene. Can find lots of info and discussion here. You can also buy the magazine.
Soccernet  neW!!
Football lovers love this site. This site is even banned by my office server. I guess this site contributes to too many unproductive hours :p


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