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N o r  H a m i m a h  B i n t i  D z a k a r ia 









The Lady Herself


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----------------------------------------------Vital Information


What is she doing now as at 2006? Accounting Software Consultant (Correct?) Usually works at her
  client's place in The Mall near PWTC
Started to mess things up >> 24/10/1981
I was born a >> Female
I'm quite tall >> 169 cm
My weight >> 49 kg
For the guys >> Scorpio
I mainly listen to >> R&B. Pop
Movies interesting to me >> Love movies, how to lose a guy in 10 days, never been kissed etc.
If there's any free time left >> Sleep, eat, watch Astro Ria, play with my cute cats (karam, atan, 
kontot, anje) and of course dating time.
Collect anything? >> Paper bags, clothes, candles, pictures of myself
My most relaxing moment >> When you just finished Mak Lela's assignments!! hehe
Irritating habit >> Sleep till noon...


------------------------The Burning Questions


Things that need to be changed in UiTM?
Fees for convocation... why we should pay for it, they should pay for us as a gift

Do you think you remember most of what you have learned in university?

Yuckss!! but I can remember when the classes were cancelled

Tell us your dream job. What would it be like?

I don't have a dream job. Jadi polis pun ok what... hehe

Guys should share their "hantaran kahwin" expenses with the ladies. What do you think?

Aiya!! This things you cannot play2. Haa... guys you should work hard and the girls don't ask for too high "hantaran kahwin" lar... limit

Have u ever fell in love/ had a crush on your friendís boyfriend? If yes, then what did you do?

I think i did... but dunnolah... forgot the story... wink* wink*

Why is it so hard for a girl to leave her boyfriend, although her boyfriend treats her badly?

Love is blind or the girl is blind... but a girl is very loyal ( don't you know that? )


------------------------------------------------Contact Me



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No. 17 Jalan TIB 2/3,

Taman Industri Bolton,

68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia







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