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The Lady Herself


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----------------------------------------------Vital Information


Started to mess things up >> 02/12/1981
I was born a >> Female
Height >> 156 cm
My weight >> 45 kg kot
Star sign >> Sagitarius
I mainly listen to >> Anything but not the bingit ones
Movies interesting to me >> Action movies, science fictions, comedy and bla...
If there's any free time left >> Reading, dreaming and sleeping
Collect anything? >> Stamps and cards
My most relaxing moment >> Time tidor lar
Irritating habit >> Kacau orang... heheh


------------------------The Burning Questions


Things that need to be changed in UiTM?
Facilities and all staff should be friendlier

Do you think you remember most of what you have learned in university?

Not all

Tell us your dream job. What would it be like?

Successful woman

Guys should share their "hantaran kahwin" expenses with the ladies. What do you think?

Kalau keluarga perempuan letak tinggi sangat dan di luar kemampuan lelaki... apa salahnya share.

Have u ever fell in love/ had a crush on your friendís boyfriend? If yes, then what did you do?

Not related

Why is it so hard for a girl to leave her boyfriend, although her boyfriend treats her badly?



------------------------------------------------Contact Me



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25-02-16, R/Pangsa Gombak 1A,

 53100 Kuala Lumpur.






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