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The Man Himself


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---------------Vital Information


What is he doing now as at 2006? Heard that he's in an event management company somewhere in
  in Cheras
Started to mess things up >> 22/02/1981
I was born a >> Male
I'm quite tall  >> 172 cm
My weight is average >> 60 kg
For the girls >> Pieces
I mainly listen to >> All types of music kecuali lagu mendaya-dayu
Movie interesting to me >> Italian Job
If there's any free time left >> Sleep, tido, membungkang
Collect anything? >> "Girls" hahaha taklah collect
My most relaxing moment >> Pagi Ahad yang indah
Irritating habit >> Dreaming of crazy things coming true


----------------------------------------------The Burning Questions


Things that need to be changed in UiTM?
Tolonglah tambah skit kafe kat kolej tu. Sian kami, bila malam je balik2 makan nasi lemak, nasi goreng 70 sen. And fire all the pak guards.

Do you remember all the things you lerned in university?

Many things. Dari benda yang aku tak tau jadi tau. Dulu tak reti mengurat awek, sekarang dah reti.... hehehe dok ehh....

Guys should share their "hantaran kahwin" expenses with the ladies. What do you think?

Yelah... itu sudah semestinya. Dah kawin... that means we share our lives together. But it depends on each couple.

Girls are difficult to understand? Why?

Yap... kejap sejuk, tapi jangan terkejut suddenly mereka ni bole meletup. Sometimes they are unpredictable.

Car or house. Which one do you want to buy first? Tell us why?

Of course la kereta. For the time being, car is the most important thing yang kena ada untuk bergerak. Umah duk la dulu dengan mak.
Takde kete takleh merayau....


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