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The Man Himself


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----------------------Vital Information


What is he doing now as at 2006? Studying ACCA in UiTM Shah Alam. Jangan main banyak sangat
  ye chek... currently staying in UiTM's college Jati (Correct no?)
Started to mess things up >> 06/08/1980
I was born a >> Male
My height >> 163 cm
But not that heavy >> 50 kg
For the girls >> Leo
I mainly listen to >> Pop, Rock, Nasyid and of course Irama Malaysia.
Movies interesting to me >> Soldiers, Shrek and Legally Blond
If there's any free time left >> Indulge in PC games, listening to radio and sleep.
My treasure>> My VCD and clothes.
My most relaxing moment >> When there's no class and also when Mizie goes to Costing class.
Irritating habit >> I eat a lot. Enough said.


----------------------------------------------------The Burning Questions


Things that need to be changed in UiTM?
UiTM staff, mesra pelajar la sikit!

Class starts at 8. You wake up and your battered clock shows 7.50. What do you do?

Sleep another 5 minutes, then wake up and brush my teeth before I go.

You're sleepy in class. What do you do to stay awake?

Suruh kawan picit bahu.

Ever got caught by the police for any reason?

Ya, once when I was driving wearing kain pelikat.

Girls are difficult to understand?

Yup, banyak kerenah.

Girl A is in your project group. She's very helpful and nice to you. She usually lends you her notes, past year questions sometimes even 

money. She's also your best friend's girlfriend, but she has a hush-hush relationship with another guy. What do you do?
Quote "Saya tak percaya sama dia"


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No. F83, Kg Sg, Pial.

Tg Dawai, 08110 Bedong,

Kedah, Malaysia.







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