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Just Me!

N a z r u l  A m r e e  B i n  A b d  S h a h i d









The Man Himself


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Me and my previous lecturer Pn. Norlaila



-------------------------------------Vital Information


What is he doing now as at 2006? Audit. Company is PricewaterhouseCoopers. Office is in Wisma
  Sime Darby on Jalan Raja Laut. Very near Jalan Sultan Ismail
  So anybody lepaking in that area, just give me a call.
Started to mess things up >> 30/09/1981
I was born a >> Male
I'm quite tall, mind you >> 173 cm
But not that heavy >> 58 kg
For the girls >> Libra
I mainly listen to >> Anything nice, especially guitar driven songs.
Movies interesting to me >> Action and comedy.
If there's any free time left >> I'll do unplanned things out of the blue to fill my time, like suddenly
building a website...
My treasure>> Anything on Formula Uno.
My most relaxing moment >> 7.00 am, on any Saturday morning,  listening to good music while 
looking out through the window.
Irritating habit >> Cracking my fingers.


----------------------The Burning Questions


Things that need to be changed in UiTM?
Treat us like adults, but I think we students need to change too.

Class starts at 8. You wake up and your battered clock shows 7.50. What do you do?

Continue my sleep.

You're sleepy in class. What do you do to stay awake?

I can't. This is one problem i couldn't solve.

Ever got caught by the police for any reason?

I 'kena soal jawab' by 2 cops because I was hanging around in front of a girls' school in Kuantan at 2 am.

Girls are difficult to understand?

True, true.

Girl A is in your project group. She's very helpful and nice to you. She usually lends you her notes, past year questions sometimes even 

money. She's also your best friend's girlfriend, but she has a hush-hush relationship with another guy. What do you do?
I'll talk to Girl A first. If she doesn't listen then I'll just have to tell my best friend. I think that's what friends are for, looking after each 
other's back.


-------------------------------------Contact Me



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upDaTed 18.09.2005 !


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No. 37, Jalan SS18/5A,

47500 Subang Jaya,

Selangor, Malaysia.







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