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The Man Himself


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----------------------------------------------------Vital Information


What is he doing now as at 2006? Account exec (correct no?) handling loans. Company is Bank Rakyat
  Klang branch. Just got married to Azma on 16/6/06. Currently
  staying somewhere in Kg Baru KL. Heard he's moving soon to Kajang
  with his wife.

Started to mess things up >>


I was born a >> Male

I'm quite tall, mind you >> 170 cm
But I'm not that heavy >> 56 kg
For the girls  >> Libra
I mainly listen to >> Grunge.... Butterfingers
The movie that is interesting to me >> Lord of The Rings
If there's any free time left >> Merokok
Collect anything? >> Duit (yang jumpa kat mana-mana)
My most relaxing moment >> Duduk kat bilik termenung (tandas)
Irritating habits >> Tido mata terbukak.


---------------The Burning Questions


Things that need to be changed in UiTM?
Berhentikan semua pak guard.

Class starts at 8. You wake up and your battered clock shows 7.50. What do u do?

Pergi tandas and continue my sleep.

You're sleepy in class. What do you do to stay awake?

Lempang muka sendiri.

Ever got caught by the police for any reason?

No, aku kan budak baik.

Girls are difficult to understand?

Yes, rasanya bela itik lagi senang.

Girl A is in your project group. She's been very helpful and nice to you. She usually lends you her notes, past year questions and sometimes 

money. She's also your best friend's girlfriend, but she has a hush-hush relationship with another guy. What do you do?
Aku senang aje, buat bodoh je la. Lantak la member aku tu. Problem aku pun tak settle.


---------------------------------------Contact Me



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upDated!! 18.09.2005 !


Address >>

D/A Suleiman Bin Daud.

SMK Lawas,

98850 Lawas, Sarawak,








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