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 M o h d  F a r i d  B i n  H a s a n









The Man Himself


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---------------------------------------------------------------------Vital Information


Started to mess things up >>


I was born a >> Male

I'm average >> 168 cm
But I'm athletic >> 58 kg
For the girls  >> Aries
I mainly listen to >> Grunge.... Butterfingers and Raihan
The movie that is interesting to me >> Lord of The Rings
If there's any free time left >> Smoking and sleeping
My treasure >> CD and  posters
My most relaxing moment >> Bermimpi
Irritating habits >> Tertido


---------------------The Burning Questions


Things that need to be changed in UiTM?
Create a social club.

Class starts at 8. You wake up and your battered clock shows 7.50. What do u do?

Sleep and sleep with beautiful dreams.

You're sleepy in class. What do you do to stay awake?

Go to the toilet, either wash my face, smoke or go jogging.

Ever got caught by the police for any reason?

No, because i know the law.

Girls are difficult to understand?

Yes, because they don't understand me.

Girl A is in your project group. She's been very helpful and nice to you. She usually lends you her notes, past year questions and sometimes 

money. She's also your best friend's girlfriend, but she has a hush-hush relationship with another guy. What do you do?
Selamba katak.


-------------------------------------------------------------Contact Me



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Not available yet!


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No. 7, Jalan 10, 

Taman Cempaka Sari, Jalan Kapar,

41400 Klang, Selangor,








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